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Have you been thinking about “Going Solar” but don’t know where to start? SIREN volunteers will explain the performance, cost, and financial incentives. RSVP to an upcoming event today.

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SIREN does not endorse or represent specific products or companies but we do make it easy for you to find solar contractors and related businesses. Get a contractor list here.

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Get up to speed quickly on the basic concepts and the value proposition of solar and renewable energy, plus what you need to know about contracts with the utility company.



Since 2008, the Southern Indiana Renewable Energy Network (SIREN) has been a leading educator and promoter of renewable energy in southern Indiana. As a project of the 501 (c) 3 non-profit Center for Sustainable Living (CSL), SIREN is a independent, non-partisan, volunteer-run group with a specific focus on promoting solar power including photovoltaic (electricity), solar hot water, and solar air heating furnaces for homes, businesses, churches, governmental buildings, and schools. Visit our SIREN History & Milestones page to learn more.


SIREN’s main activity is presenting free public Going Solar programs at libraries, churches and civic groups. We help people learn about solar and renewable energy because one of the barriers to solar adoption in the Midwest is lack of awareness of its performance, cost and availability.

Additional activities include:

  • Providing public outreach and education on energy conservation and renewable energy through events such as energy fairs, speaker presentations, films and demonstration projects.
  • Promoting the adoption of renewable energy systems in our schools and other public buildings.
  • Facilitating cooperation among renewable energy consumers, system installers, electric utilities and state and local government.
  • Providing grant writing assistance to community organizations preparing to go solar.
  • Visiting homeowners and providing a site pre-assessment of their home’s potential for solar panels, etc.

Donations are welcome from individuals and business supporters who are interested in renewable energy.

If you have a solar energy system in your home, be sure to ask about our “Powered by the Sun” sign!


The SIREN community consists of hundreds of Indiana solar owners, installers, presenters, and green allies who communicate with each other by email over the public SIREN mailing list, which you can join.  We also hold informal gatherings where new and old members of the community meet to exchange information. Contact us if you are interested in attending one.

These are the current members of the SIREN Steering Committee.

  • Anne Hedin
  • Arvind Gopu
  • Chandra Romel
  • Darrell Boggess
  • Lavanya Pashikanti
  • Terry Usrey
  • Woodie Bessler

Be sure check out our Volunteer Profiles (Coming Soon!) page for more information!

Quick Hits

Common Questions about SIREN

Yes, we have a mailing list that anyone can join. It’s relatively low volume with ~1-3 emails per week.

To subscribe

  1. Send an e-mail to: list@list.indiana.edu with the message: SUBSCRIBE siren-L
    1. Please note that content needs to be in the body of the message, NOT in the subject line.
  2. Respond to the confirmation e-mail by clicking the link provided in that e-mail and follow the provided instructions.
  3. To communicate with the group, send your email to: siren-l@list.indiana.edu (please note that attachments are not allowed).

For the digest version with a single daily summary, send an e-mail to: list@list.indiana.edu with the message: SET siren-l DIGEST 

There are lots of other commands that Sympa recognizes. To get a list of them, send an e-mail to: list@list.indiana.edu with the message: INFO siren-l 


You can RSVP online for a SIREN Going Solar presentation. Occasionally our Events calendar contains notices of events offered by other organizations. In such cases, registration contacts are provided in the listing.


SIREN frequently offers free Going Solar presentations to community groups. These programs are intended as a public outreach and basic education offerings to community members. Attendees may ask one of  the SIREN volunteers at the event about how to arrange for this free service. Additionally, solar site pre-assessments using aerial map views on the internet are available for more distant locations.

If you are interested, contact us with your phone number, address, name of your electric utility company, and how many kilowatt hours (kWh), to the nearest thousand, you use in 12 or 24 months. Also tell us if you have an electric water heater or heat pump, and how much of your electric usage you think you might be able to reduce.  We attempt to assess energy demand, solar site potential, and recommend an appropriate size for renewable energy systems.

More comprehensive reports are available from solar contractors and MREA (Midwest Renewable Energy Association) certified site assessors. See the Solar Contractors listing for more information.


If you have a solar energy system in your home then all you have to do is ask! A donation is suggested to cover materials and mailing costs, but it is optional. Contact us with your name and contact information. Use the Donate button if you are so inclined. Please allow two weeks to receive your sign by mail. If you want it more quickly, please indicate that on the contact form as well and a volunteer will contact you by phone to make other arrangements.

Siren Yard sign (Q&A)


As a volunteer-run organization, SIREN is supported via tax-deductible contributions made by individuals and businesses in our community. If you are interested in supporting our work, you can donate at a level of support that fits you best.

  • Individual   $25/year
  • Family   $50/year
  • Sustainer  $100/year
  • Business  $250/year. Benefactors receive a SIREN certificate which can be proudly displayed in your place of business.  They can also choose to be listed as a supporter on SIREN’s website.
  • Benefactor membership – $500/year. Benefactors can also choose to be listed as a supporter on SIREN’s website.


Come to a Going Solar presentation and talk with a SIREN volunteer about your interest and aims. We will share what we know about opportunities to participate in renewable energy efforts of various sorts. Networking is a big part of what we do. If you would rather contact us by email, use the Contact form at the bottom of every page of this website.


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